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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Sedona

We are in the middle of our Christmas week with Debbie and family in Sedona. It was about 70 degrees the day we arrived, we have spent our time hiking, eating and the Martin women have done their fair share of shopping. Over the last two days it has snowed 8-10 inches, which makes for beautiful pictures against the red rock of Sedona.

Baby Trace!
Picture from the top of Doe Mountain
Snow in the desert!
Picture from Bear Mountain
A frozen little cactus
Adam's model pose
Hiking Bear Mountain
Adam, Ashley & Clint relaxing
Ashley, Debbie & Aaron on a hike of Doe Mountain
Joe, Adam & Clint in the hot tub enjoying the snowy scenery

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  1. are you sure you didnt take your family to the snowy resort in Mali that has hot tubs? sure looks like it! beautiful and sounds like great family time. see you guys soon i hope!


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